It’s a new year. Six days into January and it seems like the most popular gift of 2015 for Christmas was an engagement ring. We’re so flattered and excited to be full of meetings with bunches of new brides to be that we couldn’t wait any longer to give away some information about the most exclusive and exciting wedding event of 2016. Before we get to all of that, as well as tell you all about the over $5000 in give aways that will be a part of this event, we wanted to rewind through 2015 and relive a few of our favorite brides. 2015 was a milestone year for us (if you missed the BEST OF THE BEST selections click here) and as we gear up for another season full of travel and weddings all over the place we can honestly say that we’re just as excited to see where 2016 takes us! Glance through these amazing girls and you’ll find out all the info on the ULTIMATE WEDDING EXPERIENCE as well as a few of our friends who are going to be involved at the bottom! (And of course how you can reserve your tickets)

2015 gave us the unique opportunity to work with weddings in over 20 states. With around 400 weddings under my belt at this point I can definitely say that I feel like I’ve seen some pretty amazing moments. I definitely have to say however that for all of the amazing weddings, and gorgeous brides, designer gowns and father daughter dances one of my very favorite nights of the year was this little experiment that I (along with a list of some of my close vendor friends) dreamed up. What would a bridal fair look like, without the fair? What if brides weren’t herded into aisle after aisle of vendors with huge smiles and hundreds of business cards on hand trying to make them feel special but instead were given an opportunity to simply picture their place in their own story? We started this idea with simply a location, a photographer, and a wedding planner and started dreaming up what this could look like. As our team grew to include a DJ, Flourist, Cake designer, Videographer, Rental company and a whole long list of other essential vendors for the dream wedding what we realized we’d done was simply plan the ULTIMATE WEDDING. 

Now we’re not saying we’re the absolute best of the best ever. In fact if you had the chance to sit with any of these vendors at the event last year I think you’d be surprised to find how humbling this whole experience was but what I know for sure is that for all of the weddings I’ve been a part of when this team of vendors comes together something special happens. If you’re on any form of Social Media and live near Northwest Arkansas in the next few weeks you’ll hear the buzz about this event and the truth of the matter is I’m not going to tell you exactly what’s going to happen. What I will say is this - if you want an evening out thinking about your wedding or your friends wedding and dreaming up ideas, all while sipping delicious cocktails and snacking on amazing snacks make sure you reserve your spot. This isn’t a trade show. It’s not a charity event. It’s not even a party. This is a front row, VIP invitation to be a part of the 200 people invited to see exactly what the ULTIMATE WEDDING can look like. Of course if you’re at this event you’ll have complete access to meet with any or all of the vendors involved for more information and you’ll have the chance to win any of the prize packages and gifts totaling over $5000 towards your wedding day!


Free goodies from

Blakeman’s fine Jewelers 

Bates-Reed Brides

Dave and a Camera

Pinnacle Car Service

Miles Witt Boyer Photographic Collective

NWA Caricatures

She Said Yes

21c Museum Hotel

Say Cheez Photo Booth

Precision Fitness 

Sams Furniture

And a GRAND BRIDAL EXPERIENCE including a FREE Bridal shoot from us, $500 towards a bridal gown from She Said Yes, and $300 toward hair & makeup from Dead Swanky Salon! ($1,350 VALUE)


Click HERE for tickets or reach out to ANY of these amazing vendors for more information.