Think of your family today and every day thereafter, don’t let the busy world of today keep you from showing how much you love and appreciate your family.
— Josiah

Let me tell you about my heart. I'm a normal guy. I'm easily distracted, easily provoked. I'm sinful, selfish, short tempered, jealous. I'm so many things at my worst and yet I have so many reasons to be at my best. My wedding day wasn't the most "important" day of my life. It was just the beginning of a lifetime of days that were all important. When Melissa gave me the gift of being a daddy my heart grew three sizes. There's a verse in Colossians 3 that tells dad's not to provoke their children so that they don't get discouraged and that verse has changed my year already. Trying to be in the moment with these two takes a lot of work. My job, my friends, my employees, my clients, my hobbies, and probably especially my phone want my attention and though every one of these things deserves some of my time my family must come first. So here's my heart today. Eager to forgive people who have hurt me, willing to learn from people who are ahead of me, humbled by those who look up to me, quiet to those who provoke me, in love with the one who devoted herself to me and present for the two who are being raised by me. The older I get the more specific sentences in the Bible hit me. "Here I am Lord, send me..." "But by the grace of God..." "Clothe yourself in love..." These moments in the greatest story ever told where real people rose to real occasions and made a real difference. Our newest team member challenged me this year to focus on "changing the world this year" and at first I laughed. The more I think about it the more tangible that sentence feels. These two little balls of fire right here - they're the chance I have at world change. The man they get to see they're daddy as, and the men they become comes down to how willing I am to rise to the challenge. So there's my heart - in love with their mommy because she deserves my whole world and in awe of these two little boys because they are my whole world.