CHECK THIS BAG OUT! Excited to be partnering with some amazing companies in the coming months to start doing some gear reviews and just chatting through some of the swag we use and how we use it. I'm a NUT about the bag I carry and in the last few months I've really gotten away from carrying a backpack because I love to change lenses a lot on a shoot but this back pack totally blew me away. I've got a more detailed review at the end but can definitely recommend this bag to any mirrorless photographers as a great daytime carry! Super grateful to Portage Supply Co for sending this one over!

A few weeks ago this awesome bag company PORTAGE sent over their backpack for me to play around with a little. After a few years working along side one of the biggest bag companies in the industry I had prepared myself to be a little disappointed by a bag that seemed like it was largely geared towards looks over practical design but I couldn't have been more wrong. This backpack is nearly perfectly sized for a mirrorless set up allowing me to easily carry two FUJI bodies along with 3 or four lenses, a 15 inch laptop and all my computer accessories at once. The straps are a little flimsy on the padding but because of the way the bag sits high on my back it's oddly comfortable and easy to carry all day. Truth be told this may be one of the best looking bags on the market these days and with a completely handmade waxed canvas body it's at least a little water resistant and super durable. I've read several reviews on this bag that all reference the same thing about the zipper which is simply that it's not super easy to use but after chatting with the company about this they say they're working on it and the more I use it the less I notice it. Really grateful for the way companies like this have popped up and taken over the more boutique end of the market. There's definitely a few bag companies I would kill to represent and Portage - though still with only a few bag options - will undoubtedly be a mammoth in this industry before long. I now have the shoulder (messenger style) bag as well and both have a great look and feel. If you're in the market for a cool looking, durable day bag that has capacity to hold a laptop and just enough gear (mirrorless ideally) this may be a great option for you. Huge thanks to Portage for sending this bag over! I'm beyond excited to see what this incredible company dreams up next.