The authentic self is soul made visible.
— Sarah Ban Breathnach

Big secret : I wish I could pull off Jeremy's hair. These two are like the perfect storm. When I met Sofia + Jeremy for the first time I was blown away by how completely authentic these two are. They're wedding is right around the corner and somehow they managed to book with me basically last minute but with  AMY BATES pulling strings there's no telling how incredible this wedding day is actually going to be. Sofia is the type of girl who's perfectly comfortable in her own skin. Hardly any makeup and a big smile are more than enough to dress her up and there's no doubt in my mind why Jeremy is so nuts about her. He's basically the real deal. I must have told him a hundred times on this shoot how cool it was to hang out with a guy with this kind of style and swag that doesn't do it because it's "tendy" but does it because it's him. The only thing they asked of me from this session was that I didn't "pose" them and after two hours of wandering around and laughing I can genuinely say I didn't have to. They cuddled and laughed and flirted all on their own in a few locations that perfectly fit their look and the end result is something I'm so proud of. Super grateful to be a part of their wedding in a few weeks and anxious to be able to share Sofia's bridal session with the world! 

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