I love you the more in that I believe you had liked me for my own sake and for nothing else.
— John Keats

INSIDER INFORMATION : Your wedding day is going to be over in a FLASH. Don't believe me? Ask anybody who's ever been married - EVER.  Blanket statements like that are my favorite because they're usually right. The truth of the matter is that people will try and clutter your mind up with a ton on this super big day. Ready for more insider information? Food get's eaten, wine disappears in a hurry, and flowers are technically dying before you even step foot in the reception. I'm not the photographer that tries to convince you that all that matters is photos because the truth is - that's not true either. What DOES matter? Soaking up the moments together that define the day and set the tone for the marriage ahead of you. Pray together, a few times on this day. See eachother as much as possible on this day. Hug so many necks, tell so many people you love them, enjoy the dancing and the cake and perhaps most of all - sneak out for a few moments together. We love first looks, and no looks, and couples' sessions, and all of the little things Pinterest has coined essential but the reality is that these moments were unscripted and authentic. These moments were the result of me simply grabbing Morgan + Cole and saying Hey guys, wanna sneak out for a few minutes and watch the sunset?" I can almost promise that these will be the favorite photos from the whole day not simply because they're gorgeous (let's be honest here - they are) but because they represent so much about this day and those few spontaneous moments that they got together while the rest of the party was doing the Cupid Shuffle (don't even get me started). All that said want to know 5 MUST do things on your wedding day? Here you go : 

1. Build in enough time during group photos to be candid and laugh while you all look like a million bucks. Tell the photographer to back up, shut up, and just watch.

2. Do your makeup in pretty light near a window somewhere. The photo story has to start somewhere and there's nothing pretty about a back bathroom with orange walls. 

3. Do a first look, or a no look, or SOMETHING together before the ceremony to relax your nerves and enjoy a few intimate moments before the big moment.

4. Dance your ENTIRE first dance. Soak up those moments - they mean more than you think.

5. Go back out at sunset and soak up the last light on the first day of your marriage!