One day you will kiss a man you can’t breathe without and find that breath is of little consequence.
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These are two pretty important people. Not just because the day was gorgeous, though it was. Not just because Aly booked me ages and ages ago from a featured wedding I had in the exact same magazine that this wedding will also be published in (though that's super cool). Not just because they totally trusted me throughout the entire day to shoot where, and when, I thought the light was awesome so that they could just enjoy the process and have a blast all day. They're important people because throughout the course of a year of planning and talking about this day, dreaming up ideas for shots and booking travel, coordinating schedules and discussing the most important parts of the day to them - we became friends. I've had a hand full of amazing clients turn into friends over the years. Of course I'm friendly with all of our couples but a few have really created a pretty lasting bond and these two definitely fall into that catagory. So where do I start? Do I mention that I finally had the chance to meet the sweet friends of theirs that plan to take us to Italy next year with them? Do I mention that as I lay here with my leg propped up after knee surgery both of those amazing brides sent me the fruit bouquet that provided the snacks I'm literally eating as I write? I honestly don't know where to begin with this one. From the first phone call, to the engagement session in Central Park South with Aly + Johnny everything just sort of clicked and this wedding day was like the culmination of a year's worth of planning all bottled up in a day full of perfect moments and amazing light. I'm so excited to see this wedding getting some recognition from one of my favorite magazines, so excited to finally be able to share and show off one of the most beautiful sunset sessions ever, and so excited to finally be able to spend a few minutes at my computer just writing out how grateful I am for these two and the fact that they flew their photographer a couple thousand miles to be apart of their wedding day! So thankful to call Aly + Johnny friends and thankful that Brandon spent his weekend all over Rhode Island and Massachusetts with me while we made sure this day was exactly what we had all hoped for!