To be young and in love in New York City
— Lauv

“I like me better when I’m with you.” Let’s be honest, I have that song fully stuck in my head now. The truth of the matter is I really do have an almost weird love for this city. From the moment my wheels touch down in LGA each trip my heart begins to pound but this trip was all about hustle. We had a pretty ambitious plan for Megan + Tyler, meeting them at the NYC Ferry in Williamsburg Brooklyn, riding all the way to Wall Street, taking an Uber to the Flatiron building, and then finishing it up on the rooftop of their building, the highest building in that part of Manhattan. We got really lucky with a 75 degree day but didn’t exactly hit the lottery on the 40mph winds. That said, when it was all said and done the wind just added to the story and enhanced the drama in the shoot which I kind of love. (All except for on the rooftop at sunset where I’m fairly certain I had more than just a few near death experiences). (I’m clearly kidding…. kind of) Megan + Tyler are the newest in a chain of clients that include a few of my very favorite couples I’ve ever shot. Heather + Mike, Ashley + Jason, Kristina + Collin, Cait + Jason, Kelly + Tommy, Geordan + Richard, Raquel + Dave, Catherine + Matt, Allison + Joel, Tobey + Christian and the list goes on and on. All couples that have taken us from NYC to Turks + Caicos, Rhode Island to Sonoma, California. When Megan told me at Ashely + Jason’s wedding that she wanted to hire us I was over the moon. This group of friends all feel like family these days (I’m fairly certain there’s more than a few people who think I went to a college I never attended because I’m a part of so many of the memories) and being a part of this wedding means everything. Our engagement shoot was gorgeous, but only because these two are so fun together. Absolutely floored to have had the chance to enjoy this day, and this little adventure with them and now to get to share it! Also thanks to FUJIFILM for sending me to Manhattan with the GFX-R50, possibly the most perfectly beautiful camera I’ve ever touched.