A picture if a poem without words.
— Horace

I love this job for so many reasons but when a couple challenges me to get out of my own box a bit I absolutely soak up the opportunity. We’ve made a bit of a name for ourselves as a team for the big dramatic shots on the edges of cliffs and waterfalls but Katie + Sean wanted something a little different. She asked me to create for them a series of wall ready pieces that looked more like fine art than engagement photos and then told me that they both love the architectural lines at Crystal Bridges. Challenge accepted. I usually stay away from CB for engagement shoots because at any given time there might be 10 other photographers jockeying for the same views but this one seemed different and I was excited to see this familiar spot with fresh eyes. Max joined me on this shoot and these are admittedly just a few of my quick favorites as I just started going through them, but I wanted to share what I was up to today and hopefully leave a big smile on Katie’s face.