Speaking truth, but no longer believing.
Wish I could write the things I am dreaming,
But all that inspiration is lost,
To being bored of forget-me-nots,
That I just do not remember.
My heart feels like December rain.
I want the summer to come back again.
— AA Harvey

Sometimes I just want the story to be the images. I want people to be transported by the challenge of writing their own caption. I want people to get lost in the color, the light, the moment and not in me explaining it all. So - here’s Kylee + Graham. They won this engagement shoot from a promotion we did with a local radio show https://www.brockandmarci.com/ and came in from pretty far away to be a part of this thing with me. I didn’t want to over produce it so I went in with a camera, two lenses, no lighting, and no plan. Just coffee, rain, and some chill time letting these two people just spend some time together. They live in different states and are planning a wedding in a third so time like this is rare and fleeting and there was no question that what they needed most was just the moments together so I tried to get out of the way. I will say this, for as beautiful as I think these images turned out, it’s the couple that rose to the challenge. When most of our industry hides inside, away from the elements couples like this push me so much creatively to just embrace the challenge. The dark moody light, the chilly rain coming down, and the endless road construction did nothing but add to the story for these two and I couldn’t be any more happy with the end result.

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