You are protected, in short, by your ability to love!
— Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

There’s a really cool little rooftop bar in Manhattan called Mr. Purple. If you don’t already know it’s there, chances are you’ll have a hard time finding it but ride the elevator to the top and you’re quickly sitting pool side sipping great cocktails with amazing views of the New York skyline all around you. This was the first place I had the chance to sit with Kerin as she told me all about her ideas for this big day in Boston. Her wedding was going to be special, but not simply because of all of the decor and little decorative elements, but because - just like this awesome little bar - because of the location. Talk about a vote of confidence for both of us, one of Kerin’s close friends happens to be one of my very favorite brides ever and so as we sat and sipped and chatted we both already felt like we knew each other a bit. Fast forward to an engagement session at 6:30am on the Brooklyn Bridge (If you haven’t seen that shoot click here). This was my first chat with Brian and I’ll pull my first impression straight from Kerin’s father’s toast given on the wedding day. “My first impression of Brian is that he doesn’t say a lot. My second impression of Brian is that he’s worth listening to.” This guy is brilliant, but also - frankly, quiet. He’s just the type of guy that says things when they deserve to be said, and with a lack of small talk comes more meaningful conversation and so we wandered around Brooklyn in the cold just learning to like each other and learning about what the wedding day might feel like for all of us. Fast forward again to this day. Last Saturday was the type of wedding that weddings dream about. The Boston skyline in the background of the makeup photos, the couples’ photos on the most iconic little street on Beacon hill, the outdoor pavilion ceremony waterside at the Boston Museum of Science, an elegant dinner inside a tent lit by bistro lights with a canopy of greenery and then a full tilt dance party out next to the water. Not a single detail was left behind and it was quickly really clear to me as I met the planners, the venue coordinators, the band, the parents, and even Kerin + Brian’s friends : they have a knack for surrounding themselves with quality people. Everybody knew their roll on this special day and all of us had the opportunity to enjoy it. Kerin has the kind of laugh that takes over a room and a way of holding Brian close that just shows off a love that is really special. Brian is poised and even keeled around everybody. Everybody except Kerin. He laughs with her, jokes with her, flirts with her, and saves a big part of himself for the Brian that only she knows. I’m so excited to be sharing this wedding just a few days after the wedding. I’m not totally sure how many Colegate weddings this is for me but after shooting brides from this little college in Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, California, and even Turks and Caicos it’s safe to say these are a few of my very favorite people to travel with, or to. Congratulations to Kerin + Brian! THANK YOU for inviting Jared and I to be a part of your wedding day. I couldn’t have enjoyed it any more, AND THANK YOU to Jared for being there with me! I wouldn’t have had the day that I did, and we wouldn’t have about half of these images without your artistry!

VENUE : Boston Museum of Science


HOTEL : Kipton Marlow

FLORAL : Flowers by Justine

CAKE : Konditor Bakery

BAND : Young Love and the Thrills