Small towns make up for their lack of people by having everyone be more interesting.
— Doris "Granny D" Haddock

I would be willing to bet you’ve never heard of Spencer, Massachusetts. I could be super wrong there, but this isn’t exactly a major metropolitan area. That said, tucked back in the hills is this incredible little farm called Zuka’s Hilltop that left me completely speechless. There’s a whole lot of story here, but I’ll start by saying this - I’ve shot a lot of weddings in New England, I’ve danced a lot of dances and sung a lot of song but this wedding from start to finish was a party and these people are something special. So, you’re likely wondering how the heck I got to this wedding. The answer is easy - Raquel + Dave. In fact, if I’m in New England these days (which I am at least 5-6 times a year for weddings the answer to that question is almost always “Colegate or Dave + Raquel”. These two friends of mine got married In Brooklyn a few years ago and just happen to be on a mission to spread the name of MWB to nearly everybody they meet. I’m not bothered one bit by the fact that all of their friends seem to be happy, kind, totally in to some great photos, and also a lot of them are conveniently - engaged. So my first few chats with Ashley + Jack were all about the details. Where, when, how much etc… But quickly I realized that this couple was destined for a party. In fact every time we chatted about the details that was where it ended. They just wanted to dance, to spend an evening with their friends, and to have a good time and so that became the focus. To celebrate - and until late that night I was right there beside them smiling and having just as much fun as their other guests. To be honest I felt like family nearly right off the bat. Ashley is the kind of bride who hugs you on your way into the room and makes sure you’re squared away as if she didn’t hire me but instead invited me as an old friend. Jack is wild and hilarious with a dry sense of humor that goes right along with his mustache. These two together are hilarious and sweet to each other in the most subtle of ways. Every step along the way I sat back and watched their families and friends interact with them and everybody was just excited to see this all finally come together. So, with music loud, drinks flowing, and no neighbors anywhere close to us we cranked it up and had a blast. Super grateful for the opportunity to call all of these people friends now and I can’t wait to see them again soon! (Hopefully at one of their wild friends’ weddings!) AND I can’t wait to make my way back to Zukas’ Hilltop Farm to hang out with DJ Gregg and dance the night away again!