Love will find a way through paths where wolves fear to prey.
— Lord Byron

My phone rings one afternoon and one of my very favorite wedding planners Jessica Kersey (insert shameless plug here) tells me about this wedding my immediate reaction was yes. It turns out however, I have a pretty long and wonderful relationship with this family as I also shot Kate's brother's wedding a few years ago! After a perfectly lovely afternoon at her parents house dreaming up ideas along side Jessica and thinking through her wedding dreams we had planned simply the perfect backyard wedding on a golf course complete with a hot cocoa bar, live music, and a clear tented reception. Scratch that - a few weeks later everything changed and Jessica did what Jessica does best. When Kate + Tyler made the switch to the Ravington I was both excited and a bit sad. I do love this venue, the owners are fantastic, and heck - it's about 2 miles from my house, but still - that back yard wedding had my mind spinning with inspiration. As Jessica first sent me over inspiration boards however everything quickly changed. I realized that this wedding was going to be fairly unique in this beautifully familiar venue and as the design, and the floral all came together my team (they were smart enough to hire both our photo + video crews) just sat with our mouths open blown away by the transformation. A quick trip back up stairs to the bridal suite and another reality sunk in - Kate is GORGEOUS. Yes : Tyler's a good looking guy, but geez, we had basically just hit the design, planning, and bride lottery and we officially turned off auto pilot and all embraced a day full of remembering just why we love this job so much. YES : she walked down the aisle, YES they exchanged rings, YES he cried a little when she read her vows (that was actually kinda awesome), and YES they danced the night away but what made this wedding THIS wedding was the people. From the florals (Pigmint is AMAZING) to the DJ , the planner to the sweet and inviting family (maybe my favorite mother of the bride ever - no offense all of you other MOB's out there) and especially to two people who have been through the world together and decided to make this day a day full of celebrating a forever they both started a long time ago. I'm so flattered to have been at this wedding and genuinely honored to have been surrounded by the people I was on this lovely day. Congratulations Kate + Tyler! We did it! - You did it!

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