A life’s worth, the end isn’t measured in hours or dollars. It’s measured by the amount of love exchanged along the way.
— Douglas C. Means

I think it’s safe to say I’m a big believer in God’s timing. I’ve met so many people and been a part of so many experiences that seemed like they happened just at the right time. I clearly remember my first time meeting Ryan. Stepping out of my car for a meeting with a friend (actually another wedding planner) this little ball of energy was getting into the car next to me. Her curly hair and big smile left a big first impression as she said “are you Miles Witt Boyer?”. Super embarrassed and a bit flattered I admitted to being spotted and she went on to tell me NOT about her wedding, but about this man who she was going to marry. From that very moment I was hooked. Every conversation with Ryan since then right up until the texts back and forth this morning sending her a few sneak peeks of some of these images has immediately gone back to Austin. I was sure that no guy could quite live up to the hype that Ryan was explaining about her husband to be. If I’m a honest, and perhaps a bit of a cynic at times I wondered how any guy could. But for as excited as Ryan has always been about this wedding day, it’s the marriage to Austin that has always been central to our conversations. Max did an incredible job on their engagement session for me. I was out of town at another wedding and he kindly drove about 2 hours to a place where these two could be totally alone but one thing became pretty clear. Ryan + Austin, though incredibly happy together and quite successful, are super private people. These are two people who found each other and want to be able to just simply enjoy life together free of a lot of lime light. From the moment I met Austin I was a bit taken back. He really is as humble, kind, soft spoken, intentional, and (if I can say this confidently as a straight dude) handsome, as Ryan has bragged. I mean it’s kind of true, Austin is awesome. The wedding day was so focused on their love. All the family, all the decor, the photos and flowers and food and music and party all revolved around these two being so perfectly happy to just be able to call each other husband and wife. I am so flattered and excited to call them friends and to admit that while I’ve shot a lot of weddings this year, this one may have been the most creative and excited I’ve been about sharing the images so far!

Videographer : https://www.mileswittboyerfilms.com/

Wedding Planner : http://www.k-eventus.com/

DJ + entertainment : https://www.djbrockentertainment.com/

Venue : https://crystalbridges.org/

Hotel : https://www.21cmuseumhotels.com/bentonville/