There comes a time when you realize that everything is a dream, and only those things preserved in writing have any possibility of being real.
— James Salter

These two. Magic. The challenge was almost gone in these moments. I just backed up - and breathed in the spring air while these two flirted and had fun. We had some pretty editorial locations in mind but the reality was that the goal here was just authenticity. I wanted to have the chance to see these two in their most natural element and as we wandered and laughed the pressure of an engagement shoot soon faded and the opportunity for them to simply be exactly they are took over. There's too many trends in this industry these days. Too many people trying to one up each other with the next pinterest explosion but there's something you'll never find in props and gimmicks - organic love. I'm not going to soap box here - I'm not calling out anybody or dropping bombs on the photographers who mimic poses and ideas from other photographers in the name of trying to create something perfect, instead I'm hoping that you see exactly what I did on this warm afternoon : Tracy + Kevin. After all, isn't THAT what these images are all about? Two kind, loving people - in love with each other - lost in this time in their lives - wanting to remember every second. I'll go through the rest of my career with this on my mind : There's a time for truly editorial work, there's a time for lighting and staging, and perfection and though I love that style of work the most difficult thing to capture in an image is authenticity + beauty : accomplish that equation and your clients will love you for it.