ReDEFINING the beauty of capture. It’s a big task to take on in a two day workshop and yet when we set out to build the theme behind DECONSTRUCTED it was the vision that came immediately to mind. So much of our industry has gotten jaded by the inauthentic, the trendy, and the over the top that the pressure to be completely present and capable of seeing a moment and the light on a wedding day has gotten too heavy. We want to strip down the fluff. Get beyond the beautiful waterfalls and the mountain top views, go past the latest instagram trend and really dive into what work goes into making sure that our images and our films tell our client’s stories. In order to do that well, we have to work together. The modern photo / video team can’t be territorial. We can’t survive in a state of elevated egos and misconstrued objectives; instead we have the opportunity to work alongside each other and learn from the way each of our unique products can compliment the other. This workshop will be fairly intensive and may not be for the complete beginner, though if you’re willing to try drinking from a fire hydrant it may be a perfect chance to really dive in. We’ll be discussing light, posing, editorial and documentary style shooting, prepping for editing, working alongside clients to build effective day of schedules, and how to roll with the unexpected punches all through the eyes of both photographers and videographers and then will have multiple opportunities to break out as independent mediums and work right next to like minded people. We want to challenge you to shoot in difficult light, to learn to work under time constraints, to juggle the editing pressures, and to discuss how effective communication both between photo/video teams and our clients can set us up to have better products, better client experiences, and more time to actually enjoy the elements of this industry that we love.


What you can Expect to learn.


1.New lighting concepts for shooting quickly for more editorial images on a wedding day

2.How to juggle shooting documentary and editorial style photo + video

3.Flow posing and movement based posing techniques for making more engaging photo + video of couples

4.What gear we use, when, and why on a typical wedding day

5.Finding and capturing a story

6.Basic wedding workflow


We will be spending a day and a half at a stunning lakeside mansion soaking up the opportunity to hang out both as a community of creatives and group of people who want to learn from each other. Our goal is to drive the conversation with a whole presentation of ideas that are intended to challenge you creatively and open you up to working with other people in your industry. What we really want is to allow your experiences, your questions, and your ideas drive the direction the workshop takes. Bring questions, challenge our ideas, and come ready to elevate both your work, your ability to capture a story, and your brand.


August 24 :  PM : Styled shoot / Getting to know our brand / Q+A

August 25 :  AM : Morning session, getting to know light, telling a story, our gear build outs, how we work together.

August 25 : PM : Afternoon session, flow posing, the difference between editorial and documentary shooting, workflow

Cost per seat $500

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