LightHEARTED workshops is the result of years and years of feeling like our the value that was put on training and teaching photographers had taken a backseat in the digital age. We love all kinds of things about our jobs. We love drinking coffee with our clients, love spending time together as friends, love traveling here and there to be a part of amazing stories and document big moments in people’s lives, and love that in our hands at any given moment is the key to our client’s memories. But what we love most about our job is spending every day exposing people to the power of something as simple as light. That said, we’re excited to have you on board as we chat about how to enjoy every step of this job, how to have a lighthearted approach to your clients and your work, and then how to enjoy the challenge of finding and using the right light for the right shot. Bottom line, this workshop is all about you!
— Miles

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