Destination weddings are truly a beast of their own. They force us to be fast on our feet. It also allows us to have a little bit more flexibility on shooting. We had planned on doing a few hours of couples photos the day after the wedding, and wow was that a great choice! Having a couple that is willing to go on an adventure is a huge thing when it comes to destination weddings. These venues and locations tend to be beautiful and jaw dropping all by themselves but with just a few minutes walk away from them we are able to really tell the story of where this wedding took place. During some down time Brandon and I went out and walked for a few hours searching for areas around the beautiful Hacienda Cerritos that would allow us to show off just how amazing Playa Los Cerritos really is. This place has an amazing west coast desert beach vibe. Completely different from the eastern coast, more tropical weddings we are used to in Mexico, Cabo gives an almost Moroccan look. This little beach really wasn't that far from the Hacienda however we were so excited for the privacy and the view that it allowed for Yanina and Justin to just be Married and together for a few hours of fun. Bottom line - take the time to enjoy your wedding. Whether you’re in Mexico or just down the road from your house the key to a beautiful set of memories is taking the time to make them. - Max